Kudisms.net update DND


To give you more freedom and improve SMS delivery rate, we have added 2 SMS Gateways to the default Gateway. The SMS Gateways are named G1 , G2, G3 and G4.

The Default Gateway does NOT need any action from you and automatically redirects MTN DND numbers for delivery by default via Numeric Sender IDs.

G1: Refund Charge for MTN DND Numbers (Note: MTN DND Numbers will not deliver) – This gateway is for those who do not want messages delivered to MTN DND numbers and would rather need a refund for charges for messages sent to MTN DND Numbers. Please note that your MTN DND numbers will not receive messages if you enable this option.

G2: Send to All Nigerian Numbers (including DND) via Numeric Sender IDs (N3.50/SMS) – This gateway is for those who desire a higher delivery rate but are not too concerned about delivery with CUSTOMIZED SENDER IDs. The G2 Gateway delivers to all Nigerian Networks irrespective of DND Status with NUMERIC Sender IDS. We advise that you start your message content with your SENDER ID and you can also include your phone number.

G3: Custom Sender ID for Airtel Numbers showing INFORM – This gateway is for those whose Sender IDs deliver to Airtel numbers as INFORM. By selecting this gateway, the Airtel numbers will deliver with your desired custom Sender ID. The rate for only Airtel numbers is N3.50k/SMS while the rest networks remain N2.50k.

G4: Send to Nigerian Numbers via Custom Sender IDs (N3.99/SMS) . This gateway is a high priority route with high Delivery rate. Messages to DND numbers for ALL networks are resent via NUMERIC Sender IDs . This is the best option for mission critical messages like OTPs, PINs, Transaction alerts etc.


  1. Visit www.kudisms.net
  2. Login
  3. Navigate to the Send Bulk SMS page under Messaging
  4. Enter your Mobile Numbers, Sender ID and Message Content.
  5. Select the Gateway below the Message field
  6. Click the Send button.

Note that Gateway selection is only available on the web version our website for now. You can also access it by visiting our website via your Mobile Browser on your phone or tablet.

Also, note that we reserve the right to withdraw or terminate any of these optional Gateways without prior notice.

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