KudiSMS HTTP API Documentation


 We have a robust API that can be integrated into any application or website for the purpose of sending out SMS alerts/notifications for specific actions/purposes as desired. Use cases are Reseller Websites, Banking Applications, Fintech Applications, Phone Verification, SMS Alerts etc

You can send Text Messages, Voice Messages and Text-To-Speech messages via our API. Connect to send single or multiple sms messages through the following API url:


Text Message

https://account.kudisms.net/api/?username=user&password=pass&message=test &sender=welcome&mobiles=2348030000000,2348020000000
Example Responses:
Success Response: {“status”:”OK”,”count”:1,”price”:2}
Failed Response: {“error”:”Login denied.”,”errno”:”103″}


Other optional Parameters
1. contacts = The list of contact ids to send the message
2. groups = The list of group ids to send the message
3. numbers = The list of number ids to send the message
4. type = The type (text, call, tts ) of the message
5. message = message text or audio reference number

Call Message (VoiceSMS/Robocall?Text-To-Speech)

https://account.kudisms.net/api/?username=user&password=pass&message=391000 &sender=2348030000000&mobiles=2348020000000&type=call

Fetching Data



Other Parameters
1. login = Perform account login to validate a user
2. profile = The customer profile of the account
3. balance = The current balance on the account
4. contacts = The type (text, call, tts ) of the message
5. numbers = The saved numbers on the account
6. groups = The groups on the account
7. audios = The saved audios on the account
8. history = The message history on the account
9. scheduled = The scheduled messages on the account
10. reports = The delivery reports on the account
11. payments = The payment history on the account

Error Codes: 000 = Request successful
100 = Incomplete request parameters
101 = Request denied
110 = Login status failed
111 = Login status denied
120 = Message limit reached
121 = Mobile limit reached
122 = Sender limit reached
130 = Sender prohibited
131 = Message prohibited
140 = Invalid price setup
141 = Invalid route setup
142 = Invalid schedule date
150 = Insufficient funds
151 = Gateway denied access
152 = Service denied access
160 = File upload error
161 = File upload limit
162 = File restricted
190 = Maintenance in progress
191 = Internal error

For more enquiries please call our Support line: 07036654539 or send an e-mail to: support@kudisms.net

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