How to Send Bulk SMS on (VIDEO)

See below for steps in text:

  1. Login to the website.
  2. Click MESSAGING on the Top Menu bar.
  3. Select BULK SMS
  4. Leave the DEFAULT drop-down menu on -NONE-, if you want to Type your numbers manually or Copy and paste them into the field.
  5. OR
  6. Select your RECIPIENT NUMBER Source from the drop down list.
  7. PERSONAL CONTACTS: Used when you want to send a message to your CONTACT LIST stored on the website.
  8. CONTACT GROUPS: Used when you want to send a message to your CONTACT GROUPS stored on the website.
  9. SAVED NUMBERS: Used when you want to send a message to your SAVED NUMBERS stored on the website.
  10. UPLOAD: Used when you want to send messages in numbers stored either in CSV or NOTEPAD (.txt) formats
  11. Type your SENDER ID in the Sender field.
  12. Type your MESSAGE in the message field.
  13. Click SEND as shown below.


Follow the steps above then click the Check box beside SCHEDULE, select the DATE and TIME after you have typed your message, and click SEND.







16 thoughts on “How to Send Bulk SMS on (VIDEO)”

  1. Plz I need ur admin number…wanna load ma accnt itz not working. Plz I av a mega event I nid to send meseg for…my number 08069729942. Send me urz asap plzzzzz

  2. If I finish putting d msg and numbers,and I went to send,it will re-start again and ask me to put my password and username,all the work I did will clean.pls why?

    1. Good afternoon, you are being timed out because you spent too much time on the site. Please type your numbers on Notepad,Excel or MSword then copy and paste into the mobiles field on

    1. Good morning,
      The FREE unit is available to customers that activate their accounts via their email. Please click he activation link in your email, You can also check the SPAM box if you cannot find the message in your inbox.

    1. Good day Sir,
      Please fill the attached letters on your company Letter head and send back to us. A scanned copy of your Organisation/Company’s CAC Certificate is also required.

      Please note that registration can take more than 30 days.

      Send a mail to and we will reply you with the procedure.

  3. I want to send messages to more than one number how can i seperate or what symbol will i use to seperate the numbers from each other to be sure it is sent to each of the numbers.

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