How do I Send Bulk SMS to my Phone Contacts?

Wondering how to send Bulk Messages to your Phone Contacts? Worry not as we have a solution for your query. With the kudiSMS Mobile Applications, you can send Bulk SMS to contacts stored on your Mobile Phone.

To do this, you will need to Download our Mobile ApplicationsĀ  first:

a. Android Mobile Application: Search for KUDISMS in Play Store or Click this Link: KudiSMS Android App

b. BlackBerry Mobile Application: Seaarch for KUDISMS in BlackBerry Appworld or Click this link: KudiSMS BlackBerry App (Note: BB OS10 and above not supported yet)

c. Java Mobile Application: Click this link to Download: KudiSMS Java Mobile App

i. Steps in sending Bulk SMS to Mobile phone contacts via KudiSMS Android App.

1. Launch the Mobile Application.

2. Type your recipients or Click the contact icon to select your phone contacts.

3. Enter your SENDER ID.

4. Type your message.

5. Click send.


ii. Steps in sending Bulk SMS to Mobile phone contacts (Black Berry and Java Version)

1. Launch the Mobile Application.

2. Click the Settings Icon at the Top left to Log in.

3. Enter your desired Sender ID

4. Click Save.

5. Click the New Message Icon at the Top right.

6. On the Compose page, Click the Top Left Contacts Icon.

7. Select the desired Contacts by clicking the check box beside each contact.

8. Click the back button to go back to the Compose page and add the Contacts.

9. Type your message and click send.

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