Hot Black Friday Deals 2015.

Black Friday 2To mark this year’s Black Friday, we are offering mouth watering discounts on various products. Listed below are the various products and discounts that accrue. The OFFER starts now and ends by 11:59pm tomorrow, 27th November 2015.

  1. Get 10% extra when you buy Bulk SMS units worth N5,000 and above. i.e Pay N5,000 and get N5,500 credited to your Kudisms account.
  2. Get 25% discount on our Hosted Reseller Package at N15,000. Prices goes back to N20,000 after this offer. Visit www.bulksmssetup for more info.
  3. Get 33% Discount on our Non-hosted Reseller Package at N10,000. Set up time is 5minutes. Prices goes back to N15,000 after this offer. Visit www.bulksmssetup for more info.
  4. Buy any category of our GSM Database for just N5,000. This is an insane discount you cannot get any where.

Below is the Breakdown of our Database:

  1. Nigerian GSM Database Categorised by STATES & LGA
  2. Lagos Street by Street Database
  3. Database of Lagos Island Residents
  4. Database of Youths between the ages of 14-40years
  5. Database of Architects
  6. Database of Engineers
  7. Database of Bankers
  8. Database of Banker/Hotel Workers
  9. Database of Car Owners
  10. Databse of Politicians
  11. Database of Business Men
  12. Database of Business Women
  13. Database of School Owners
  14. Database of Professionals in Lagos
  15. Database of Real Estate Agents
  16. Database of Teachers and Lecturers
  17. Database of Telecom Staff
  18. Database of Job Seekers
  19. Database of Satellite TV Subscribers
  20. Database of Online Users


Hurry now and grab this OFFER. Call 07036654539 for more information.

How to send Personalised SMS on

Kudisms pesonlaised image

Today, we will be looking at how to send Personalised SMS to a group of contacts on our website. Personalised messages give a feel of  importance to the recipient and are also well appreciated. Personalised messages are used for Transaction Alerts, Seasonal wishes and many more. Organisations like Cooperatives, Loan Service companies, Schools, Neighbourhood Associations and many others use this as a key tool to send detailed updates/reports about the activities of their member. Examples of such messages are: Dear John, your account balance with XYZ Cooperative as at October 2015 is N2,000 or Dear Sunday, congratulations on your Birthday.

To send the message, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a new MS Excel Workbook.
  2. Enter the Variables needed in this format.
2347039444444 Kola N2,000
2348077774445 Jude N3,000
2347039444444 Shola N5,000
2347039444444 Kelvin N10,000
2347039444444 Hassan N20,000

The first column should contain all the phone numbers, while the 2nd Column and others should contain the Variables needed.

3. Save the file with File Type as: CSV (Comma Delimited)

4. Log in to

5. Click Messaging

6. Click Personalised SMS

7. Click Browse to Browse to upload the .CSV file created earlier.

8. Enter your SENDER ID

9. Enter your Message in this format:

Dear {1} your account Balance at the end of October 2015 is {2}

Note. {1} represents the Variable in the second column while {2} represents the variable in the third column. You can add values to more columns as you desire.

10. Click Send (NB: You can also schedule the message for later delivery)

Result: The message will be sent out and received by each recipient as, Dear John , your account Balance at the end of October 2015 is N2,000