How to Add Numbers or Edit your Stored Contacts on

The following Tutorial will give an expose on how to edit saved contacts on our website. Specifically, we will be majoring on Editing Saved Numbers and Contacts.


1. Log in to

2. Click Contacts.

3. Click Saved Numbers(PhoneBook).

4. Click Create.

5.Select the List you want to Add Numbers to or Edit.

6. You can Edit the Title of the List , Add to the Numbers or

Delete a number.

7. Click Save after Editing.

How do I Send Bulk SMS to my Phone Contacts?

Wondering how to send Bulk Messages to your Phone Contacts? Worry not as we have a solution for your query. With the kudiSMS Mobile Applications, you can send Bulk SMS to contacts stored on your Mobile Phone.

To do this, you will need to Download our Mobile Applications  first:

a. Android Mobile Application: Search for KUDISMS in Play Store or Click this Link: KudiSMS Android App

b. BlackBerry Mobile Application: Seaarch for KUDISMS in BlackBerry Appworld or Click this link: KudiSMS BlackBerry App (Note: BB OS10 and above not supported yet)

c. Java Mobile Application: Click this link to Download: KudiSMS Java Mobile App

i. Steps in sending Bulk SMS to Mobile phone contacts via KudiSMS Android App.

1. Launch the Mobile Application.

2. Type your recipients or Click the contact icon to select your phone contacts.

3. Enter your SENDER ID.

4. Type your message.

5. Click send.


ii. Steps in sending Bulk SMS to Mobile phone contacts (Black Berry and Java Version)

1. Launch the Mobile Application.

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How to Send VoiceSMS/RoboCall and Text-To-Speech on (VIDEO)

You can send pre-recorded Voice SMS/Robocall and Text-To-Speech Message on our website. The audio messages have to be in .Mp3 or .WAV format. We bill per second.

The following steps will guide you in sending VoiceSMS/Robocall and Text-To-Speech  on our website. Please note that you will need to Upload an Audio File or Recording first before sending the message.

The Video below gives a detailed explanation of the steps involved.

a.To Upload an Audio File/Recording

1. Log in to

3. Click Messaging.

4. Click Audio Recordings.

5. Click the Rectangular Box beside File under Browse Menu.

  • Note: The audio messages have to be in .Mp3 or .WAV format
  • Maximum allowed audio size is 2 MB.
  • Maximum allowed audio seconds is 120 seconds.

7. Type the Name of the Audio File under List Name

8.Type a Description for the Audio File(Optional).

8. Click Save.

b.To Send a Voice SMS/Robocall

1. Log in to

2.Click Messaging.

3. Click VoiceSMS/Robocall.

4. Select your Contact Source by Clicking None or leave the None Option if you want to Type/Paste your Numbers in the Mobiles box. Continue reading How to Send VoiceSMS/RoboCall and Text-To-Speech on (VIDEO)

How to Cancel a Scheduled Message on

We are glad to inform you that you can cancel a Message you Scheduled to deliver at a later date and time on our website if you made an error while composing the message or you made a mistake in the Date or Time.

To do that, follow these steps:

1. Log in to

2. Click Reports.

3. Click Scheduled.

4. Click CANCEL beside the Sender ID of the Message.

5. Click Ok when this confirmation message (Cancel this scheduled message and refund?) comes up.

6. The Message will be deleted and the Units Refunded to your Bulk SMS Account.

How to Save your Phone numbers (Phone Book) on

To enable you have quick access to your contacts and avoid typing or copying/pasting your Phone numbers every time you want to send Bulk SMS to a particular group, you can save them on our Website either as a Contact List, Saved Numbers or Contact Group.

Below are the steps in creating all three options:

a. To Save Numbers (Note: Saved Numbers is same as Phonebook Group on our Old Website),

1. Log in to

2. Click Contacts.

3. Click Saved Numbers

4. Leave the LIST Menu on CREATE when creating a New List.

5. Type a Name for the List under List Name.

6. Paste the Phone Numbers you want to save in the Box below Numbers.

7. Enter a DEFAULT Sender ID for that Group or Leave it Blank if the Sender ID will vary in future.

8. Click Save.


b. To Create a CONTACT GROUPS,

1. Log in to

2. Click Contacts.

3. Click Contact Groups.

4. Leave the GROUP Menu on CREATE when creating a New Group.

5. Type a Name for the Group under Title.

6. You can add a Description if you wish.

7. Click Save.

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How to create a Support Ticket on

When you have any Technical Issue or Enquiry, you can communicate the issue to us by creating a Support Ticket on our website. Our Support staff will act on it and respond to the Ticket. Please take note of the Ticket ID whenever you create a Support Ticket.

To create a Support Ticket, follow these steps:

1. Log in to

2. Click Account.

3. Click Support.

4. Select a Subject e.g Payment Notification, General Enquiries, Technical Issues

5. Type your Message

6. Click Submit.


How to retrieve your OLD Group Contacts on our former website.

When we migrated our website to the NEW platform, we saved all Members Group Contacts on our Backup folder for easier access to all customers. To retrieve your Old Group, follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Enter your Username and Password

3. Select Group

4. Click Download.

5. Then click BACK UP to iniate the Download.

6. Unzip the downloaded file to reveal your Groups.

To re-upload them on the New Portal, read the Tutorial here:

How to Pay for Bulk SMS units on (Video)

In this post, we will be considering the various means of buying Bulk SMS on

The Payment options available are listed below

1. Bank Deposit: With this option, payment is made directly in the Bank and payment details are sent to our support numbers/media. When the payment is confirmed, your account will be credited.

Listed Below are our Bank Details:

Bank Name: GT BANK PLC
Account Name: O-ONE CONCEPTZ
Account Number: 0131851833

2. Online Payment with ATM CARD: Payment can also be made through our Online Payment processor with your ATM Debit card and your Bulk SMS account will be automatically credited. For detailed steps on how to pay Online, read our blog post here

3. Internet Banking Transfer: You can also make payment for Bulk SMS units through various Internet Banking Platforms. All you need to do is make a transfer to our Bank Account, remember to indicate your username in the remarks section of the transfer. Your Bulk SMS account will be credited as soon as we confirm your payment.

4. ATM Machine transfer: Another means of payment is through ATM Machine Transfer to our Bank Account using the Transfer Option on the ATM Machine. This Option will normally not display the Sender’s Name or details, so remember to also send us your payment details.

5. Mobile Banking: Mobile Banking is one of the easiest and fastest means of payment. This can be done through any of the Mobile Applications of Banks or other Mobile Mony operators like Opay, Quickteller, Paga, etc..

How to Check and Download Delivery Reports

In short and simple steps, we will show you how to check and download your DELIVERY REPORTS on

1. Log in to

2. Click REPORTS on the menu bar


4. Search for the message using the following criteria.

a. Select the COLUMN: Service (Text or Call), Status, Mobile & Sender.

b. Enter the Search criteria eg Mobile number

c. DATE: by adjusting  the calendar.


1. Click REPORTS.

2. Then click DLR Downloads.

3. Enter the SENDER ID of the message,

4. Select the Date the message was sent

5. Click the Download button.

6. Wait for the download to be complete. i.e Download status will change from Queue to Completed.

7. Click the Download button at the right hand side of Completed.

How to Buy Bulk SMS Units online on

1. Login to your KudiSMS account or REGISTER if you are a NEW USER.

2. Click ACCOUNT or the SHOPPING CART icon beside your BALANCE.


4. Enter the AMOUNT you want to pay.

5. Click Pay.

6. You will be re-directed to CuePay website. Note: is our payment processor. It is SECURE and SAFE.

7. Enter your CARD NUMBER [this is the number at the front side of your ATM CARD above your name]

8. Enter your ATM CARD EXPIRY DATE: e.g 01/22

9. Enter the CVV (3 digits at the Back of your card) number of your ATM Card

10. Enter your Card PIN and click OK

11. You will be shown the STATUS of your TRANSACTION and AUTOMATICALLY CREDITED with SMS units.

12. VISA CARD Users will be redirected to VERIFIED BY VISA Page to enter their the 3-D Secure Password and click Submit. Enter the OTP sent to your phone and click Submit.

13. You will be shown the STATUS of your TRANSACTION and AUTOMATICALLY CREDITED with SMS units.