This is the reason why your messages are being REJECTED on

The recent introduction and implementation of the DND (Do-Not-Disturb) Policy by Nigerian GSM Networks since July 1st, 2016 has given rise to a lot of REJECTED messages sent through Bulk SMS platforms (majority of which are on the MTN Network).

The error in implementation of the DND policy led to the AUTOMATIC activation of DND for some subscribers. This has been a major cause of the REJECTED messages and loss of money spent in sending Bulk messages to the affected MTN lines. While Bulk SMS providers and customers hoped that the issue will be resolved by the GSM provider, it later dawned on them that the error may have come to stay.

A quick fix was birthed and voila, it worked. The affected lines had to ACTIVATE DND by sending STOP to 2442 and then DEACTIVATE DND by sending ALLOW to 2442.

2 thoughts on “This is the reason why your messages are being REJECTED on”

  1. Good too know that there is a solution. But it’s not so clear the way you put it. Are you saying for MTN subscribers to be able to receive bulk sms they have to first deactivate DND or are you saying from now on any MTN subscriber who do not wish to recieve bulk sms would have to activate DND? Looking forward to a prompt clarification O1.

    1. The main issue is that MTN automatically ACTIVATED DND on some lines without the consent of the subscribers who own the lines. In this case, if you try to Deactivate DND, the system will tell you that you never subscribed for DND. This is why the affected subscriber has to ACTIVATE before DEACTIVATING for the error to be cleared.
      This does not apply to those who activated DND by themselves.

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